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The Local Melbourne business directory helps Melbourne residents find local business products and services within a couple of clicks. From home maintenance and cleaning services to tradesman and professional services, Local Melbourne is the place to find it all.

Not only a business directory, Local Melbourne also provides information on things to do in Melbourne, places to see, festivals and events, restaurants and cafes and links to Melbourne accommodation and tours. There are plenty of great things to do in Melbourne for both visitors and locals, make sure you use Local Melbourne to help you find something that interests you. Read and compare reviews of local Melbourne business services, restaurants and accommodation.

With a growing population Melbourne is a big city that is spread out over quite a distance. Finding a local business to help you can be quite a task especially one that you know is local to your area. Local Melbourne helps solve the problem of finding a local business, product or service. Simply type in what you are looking for and where and the Local Melbourne search engine will return business listings that match your search criteria. If you are a small business owner and want to get your business in front of more customers, Local Melbourne is the place to be.

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The Best Way to Get Rid of Tattoos

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Tattoos are never a permanent thing and we know that even in ancient times, people used to have tattoos and used to remove them. How best to get rid of tattoos is just advancement in the methods that were used earlier to remove tattoos. These advancements bring in more benefits in terms of cost, healing time, pain experience and so on.

Everyone can bear me right when I say that old methods that were used to get rid of tattoos were most painful. It could take time for the treated area to heal and some could only fade the tattoo but not remove it completely. We all know that tattoo inks are stubborn and the fact that they are injected deep in the skin (dermis layer), it’s not easy to remove them. The best way to get rid of tattoos is with the use of tattoo removal machines that are operated by professionally trained beauty therapists.

Can you imagine the pain you will feel during Salabrasion? The abrading of the skin using salt water and sanding device will automatically cause scarring. Same applies to Dermabrasion because the abrasive device is used on a frozen skin to sand away the tattoo.

As we advance in methods, still the effectiveness is not achieved and the side effects cannot be left out. Use of Excision with cosmetic surgeon is another worry to think of. When the skin around tattooed area is cut and stitched, you can’t imagine that pain. The other question that comes in your mind is where will the skin used to graft the cut area come from? From another part of your body? Then you have double wounds to heal and the pain is not worthy to withstand. Chemical peels such as Trichloro Acetic Acid and Hydroquinone which can make the skin to swell and peel off removing the tattoo have side effects; they can cause skin cancer and are also harmful to the lungs when inhaled.

More advancement with creativity and innovation has seen effectiveness in the methods improved. The introduction of Laser technology was a sigh of relieve as tattoo removal can be done with less pain and no side effects. Lasers direct a beam of light which break up tattoo ink in the skin. The broken down ink pigments are the absorbed in the blood stream and flashed out by lymphatic system. The latest advancement is the Intense Pulse Light Therapy (IPL) which works the same way as Lasers but with a more concentrated light. The different wavelengths remove different hues of color. These two methods are the most effective and recommended. Less pain is experienced as the devices used have cooling mechanism that reduces amount of heat that can be felt. There is no down time required for healing process and the treatment removes the tattoo completely.

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IPL Laser and Fat Cavitation Machine Treatments

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Majority of people love smooth and fresh skin free from unwanted hair but due to genes and a number of genetic dislocations there is unwanted hair that can develop all over the body. The most effective way of permanently removing unwanted hair from the skin is by use of Intense Pulsed light (IPL) which normally emit short pulses of light that penetrate deep in to the skin layers producing well regulated heat which destroys all the hair producing follicles.

Why should I recommend IPL Laser treatment for hair removal?

Well, several methods of hair removal are used. But just how effective are they? How costly are they? I had to do some evaluation of the methods in hair removal before coming into conclusion of which is best in efficacy and cost effectiveness. First, if you resolve to shaving your hair, do you think its cheap? In short time maybe but in long time it is more costly. How many times will you shave in your life time?

Now think of waxing; the process is so painful but does not give lasting solution. There is always in-grown hair. You cannot wax once and get rid of unwanted hair permanently. Is electrolysis the best solution? Definitely not, it is painful and can damage the surrounding skin.

Unique treatment parameters of IPL Laser hair removal

IPL laser hair removal systems are more flexible as compared to other hair removal methods. The parameters can be easily set to suit a particular individual depending on their skin color and age. These parameters basically include the wavelength, the energy level and the time one is exposed to the intense pulsed light. These parameters are carefully set to destroy hair follicles in the skin layer and the same time aiming to protect the surrounding tissues and cause no damage.


Studies have shown that ninety percent of patients have permanent hair loss after an average of three to five sessions. I can’t doubt this. I have witnessed from my friend too. In her case she was asked if she wanted to reduce the amount of fat around her waist and thighs, and the solution was to use a fat cavitation machine. From her experience, the treatment is so fast with no down time recovery, less pain is felt and is safe as it only selectively targets the area to be treated. Minimal side effects like swelling and itching might be experienced but disappears after a few days.

IPL laser treatments for hair removal are very convenient and cheap. In most cases, the treatment is charged per pulse emitted. With three to five treatment sessions, you can spend less and have permanent hair loss. One pulse of IPL Laser takes a fraction of a second to treat hair in a large surface area meaning the time taken for treatment is short.

With all these facts you can see why it makes sense to recommend an IPL Laser treatment for hair removal.

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How to Stay in Shape During Winter

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When the cold weather hits fitness enthusiasts and people trying to lose weight can easily find reasons not to exercise. Maintaining a regular exercise regime throughout the year regardless of what season it is will ensure your fitness and weight levels are maintained. Personal trainers at gym locations all over the city see their clients drop off during winter, preferring to stay warm in doors that than make their early morning or late evening trip to the gym for a workout.

Here are 5 Ways You Can Stay in Shape During Winter

1. Set up a Home Gym

It is not that expensive to set up a home gym that includes a treadmill, cross trainer, exercise bike and a multi station home gym. You can set up a home gym in a spare room of the house if you have one or in your garage. No one want to get fat cavitation which is why regular exercise and diet is so important.

2. Get Your Personal Trainer to Come to You

By having your personal trainer come to you, you will be less likely to miss an appointment. Rather than you meet them at the gym, their personal training studio or local park, have them come to your house and start your personal training session from there.

3. Organise a Gym Buddy or Training Partner

Find a gym buddy that you can train with and make an agreement to help encourage and motive each other. Training with a gym buddy or training partner places that little bit of subconscious pressure to keep your appointment with them. If you both help each other keep up your fitness training you will be able to train right throughout the winter without losing fitness or putting on weight.

4. Move to a Warmer Climate During Winter

This tip is not possible for a lot of people but it is still an option. If you can, why not move to a place in winter where it is warmer. The change in surrounds acts as a motivator and you will easily feel enthused to keep up your exercise.

5. Take Control of Your Life and Grow Some Kahoonies

There is a saying used by most successful people, “if it is going to be, then it is up to me”. In life you have two choices, to do, or not to do. At some stage of your life you need to take control of your mind and start programming it with habits that will help you succeed. You have a choice to stop being the lazy, excuse making, overweight and unfit person you are, OR you can become an active, motivated, positive and enthusiastic health and fitness advocate.

Unlike going to a beauty salon and having a fat metabolising treatment using some fancy beauty equipment, keeping fit and in shape takes discipline, self control and desire. You need to become a person that places your health and fitness higher on your priority list. Even the smallest steps can make a huge difference to your well-being. Joining a gym is one way to commit yourself to something that is positive for you, hiring a personal trainer is another. The fact is the information and resources are out there for you to gain the knowledge to become a more motivated and healthier individual. However it is totally up to you wether or not you use them.

For more information about fitness, weight loss or beauty equipment for fat removal click here.

Decide on who you want to become and start taking measures to become that person.

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